Welcome to MEGAfloorball. You are joining the world of Floorball, innebandy.This sport is managed by IFF international.

We sell Stick  IFF certified floorball equipment.We sell the brands Unihoc, Zone, Oxdog, Fat pipe, Salming and Blindsave.Need sticks, blade, ball, gripband, goalie equipment?

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Our French company does everything to satisfy your requests.

We can deliver all over Europe.We strive to deliver to you as quickly as possible throughout Europe.
We sponsor players from different European countries, we are also available to create a partnership with clubs from all over Europe.
We hope to satisfy you with the selection of items from different brands.
We are also available for specific requests, for that, we will give you a quote.

We also sell equipment for clubs such as goals, balls, rinks.
If your club wants to equip itself with different elements, send us your request.

From beginners to the best floorball players, you will find the best equipment available in your favorite brands.
MEGAfloorball travels all over Europe for your club events.
If your club needs us, we will provide the means to attend your floorball event.

We hope to meet the expectations of all practitioners, and to continue to develop this sport together.

We hope that the VIP account will meet your expectations, if however you have any queries, you can go to the "contact us" section.

We are striving to improve the VIP program.

If you are sponsoring friends or teammate, our sponsorship program will optimize for you.

We thank the brands of Renew group including Zone and Unihoc as well as oxdog, fat pipe, blindsave, and rosco rink for their collaboration. Our team is available all week for your requests.
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